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Day 6 : What on Medic and Achieving Fulfillment

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Today's morning was funnier when I took my phone and started scrolling on Facebook. I saw now that new trend was old Ramayana series😂 People now got that topic to make memes. So many jokes as our National TV planned to air years old series. People took it seriously and many started watching it. It is mind blowing. Even makers of this show would not have thought that it will trend in 2020. Now Doordarshan is saying it will air many old shows during period of lockdown. It will be nostalgia for some people. I like dialogues and acting in that shows but I could not watch for many time because of editing pace and sound design of old times. It bores me. But now it is trending on social media and will have to see what people will find new moving forward!

Today I just remembered that there was deadline for participating in google event. You have shoot your own video and submit it. I am bad at that because I hate looking myself after shooting my own video. But I have to try, so I planned to write for it now and shoot tonight. In afternoon I started free trial on Disney Plus with VPN to watch animated movies and Star Wars. But it went wrong and charged me with one month fee. I mistakenly tried to start free trial on old id, so issued for refund and cancel it. After that streamed on YouTube.

At evening while I was reading news I saw a video of Doctors and nurses around world and how their are working over time to save everybody. Here in India still there not that ugly situation. Doctors, nurses and all medic workers are risking their life working for us and many are wearing less protective equipment due to shortage. They do get paid high but it is not that question, they could sit at home and provide no service and protect themselves as some are doing so. They get paid high because there is demand for them and becoming doctor is really tough. Have you ever seen any doctor unemployed or poor. I have not. That is why many students want to become doctor, but few can only become with years of hard work. And there are doctors who only see money but not all are like that. Not to forget scientists across world are working hard day and night for a treatable solution in the fastest time possible. They should be thanked that they studied this hard and became scientists with their great knowledge.

After I went to balcony during sunset, I never felt my neighbor so much alive. All people were at home and children playing and some talking with each other. A good sight to feel together. After dinner I freaked out that still submission was remaining. I started making list on Google Maps and filled everything other than video. It was already midnight and 30 mins to deadline. I didn't know how would I do it but I had promised that I have to submit even if it is too bad to get selected after all it was google event. Anyhow I shot it, edited it and uploaded and it was not good at all. Deadline passed by hour. I checked if it is still accenting and to my luck it was. I finally completed submission and felt satisfied. In pride, I delayed writing this post to next day. Watched a random episode from The Office and slept.

So far still no surge in cases, so everything is good. I know it is nothing interesting to read in my posts. But I am writing for me not for you. So see you on next one. Stay Safe!

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