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Day 20 : w h o is responsible for our upheaval !

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Day 20 it is with the start of a new week. Temperature has increased so much and now it feels like summer. When such feel comes, I get to excited because there is vacation in this season. But it is already a month for indoors vacation. There is no strong evidence that suggests high temperature slows the spread of virus but in some results it spread at more rate in cold regions than in warm ones. So there is some hope in Sun. I say temperatures should get past 50 °C, so virus is burned to death. People are not going outside so not much problem. No but then outside animals will suffer. Not good idea. And there is very less chance that such temperature would kill virus.

After breakfast I fired up laptop to write blog. Started Interstellar soundtrack and finished with it. Then started another my playlist while reading news. I don't know what happened, I minimized and started to browse through files. I saw all photos, videos of memories and work I have created and all old things. Some uplifting scores were going on in background playlist and I just broke up. Tears rolling down seeing all people on frames that are close to me. Couldn't stop crying. I think it was necessary to get off some emotions and clear mind to what my priorities should be. My playlist has made me cry and feel so high many times so I would like to keep it that way for years. Today's shower was longer as in hot water I kept on thinking various things.

From afternoon, I started editing project. Evening I took break and went in balcony and came back. I sat and thought who is responsible for such bad conditions of humans. Are they themselves responsible for it. The things they did to nature. The bad things done by them to each other. So nature to bring stability again helped spread of virus. But small children are also suffering. And why suffering in first place. If God is doing it with pattern of karma, there must be no suffering to good people. I thought of pattern that people eating non vegetarian food by killing other animals will only suffer. But that is not the case. Look, I am not against eating meat and all but is should be decreased. Even all research shows that it will also help reduce greenhouse gases. Not only that why kill someone in first place. Animals eat each other but they don't have hands and brains. We evolved, so if there is demand for only vegetarian food there will be ample supply for it. Even plant based meat is coming to markets more and more to help vegans.

Speaking of non vegetarian, everyone knows which country has allowed its people to eat anything they want. Basically every living thing other than human himself. Years ago, there was same reason for outbreak of other coronavirus. Still they cannot learn from a big mistake. People who don't learn from such mistakes are called stupid in all languages. This is like in Chernobyl series, where man in authority are doing things in wrong way eventually leading to existential crisis. Not banning such food was first mistake. Let's keep it aside and believe it was livelihood for people there. Then during the end of December, doctor found that this was new type of virus and tried to explain everyone. They didn't listened and arrested him. Then he had to bring it on Internet for everyone to see. Even he died from virus itself. Many bloggers and people who wrote against officials started to disappear. So it is dictatorship in a way. Censoring everything even knowing that information might be useful for everyone in the world. So you see why they censored. Because there is chance they didn't want something to come out. Maybe they were testing biological weapons and accident took place and they wanted to hide it from everyone. Even from their own people. Also the fact theynhave kept hidden true number of cases their. On other hand, we are not seeing any prominent people their getting infected. There were more than 80k cases and only around 3k passed away. So whether it was an accident or not is also questioned. There were also not many cases in their biggest cities if you follow official figure. So everything they are saying is countering their own deeds. Yeah people around world are praising how they took critical and great steps to control it. Right. Well if they had some sense in their Einstein brain, they could have used all their power to stop all people going out of their country. Even a teenager will know that and control it if given authority. If they cared for the World, they would have stop every people going out of country and keep virus contained in nation. They controlled big cities very well, they could have stopped it from spreading. And time comes for world health organization, they first took it lightly and then suddenly warned. They must know why the organization is formed in first place. To take pro active steps to ensure the disease do not spread. They did nothing to prevent to people going outside from country. So maybe this arrogant government has some kind of control over it. Again a fault. The world leaders are tested around the world for their leadership. And they are some who overlooked it and still are. They care more about economy than about people. People made economy word. If people will not live then in any way economy will go. Because they took it lightly, people are suffering. Other fault. Then almost all governments were late and some mad people still gathered in various events. Other fault from first faults. This all faults bought a massive earthquake shaking people's lives across World. And Tsunami is yet to come.

Now forget all possibilities and say it was all mistake done unintentionally. But they are given power and authority by people for taking care of people. They should be ready for the unexpected and work efficiently in such times, otherwise what makes them a leader and different from public. Or this thing is complete different thing and some countries together have planned this to take their control over world.

We look back in history and see all big events and talk about it. But we were not just ready to face and be a part of history. Who would have thought that we would face such situations this early. I made various plans for this year thought this would be my best year yet. But here I am sitting in home and yada yadaing on world ending events. So I don't know about you but I held that country accountable for my bad time. Whatever they have kept hidden, whatever they wanted to achieve and whatever they will do in future to people speaking against them, remember one thing Good always wins in the end, always. No matter how much power they have, a point will come when all lies are out and they would be paying for it. People all over world are angry on them. And when people give bad wishes to them nothing will be their on this planet to protect them. Even their own people are fed up with this high control over everything. They hate it.

Let time pass, things will definitely come up after people get over the worries of pandemic. They will face boycott. It is necessary. Understand that people there are not at all responsible for this. It is their government responsible for it. So those sadistic government if they did bad things will fall in future for good of everyone even if it takes decades. So wishing bad luck to fanatics, till midnight I edited the footage and one scene took long time as it was one of the hardest part of project, but it is now over😌

At last I am so satisfied that I finished what I said. I promised myself that for 21 days, I am going to write a post daily. And I did it. Just one post remaining tomorrow. And do remember that I am not thinking and doing stuff everyday to write them in post. What happens, I write. I don't even think about it until midnight. When it time comes to write I procrastinate it to next day. Then it is even harder to remember all things that happened last day. Sometimes there were 3 posts in debt. It as not that hard but somewhat tiring process to write everyday. Some laziness is removed then it is easy. So this means that anything you want to do is achievable. But I could not complete the project full or finish scripts at this time😅 But you get it, this things need, clear Focus which is hard to find in market this days!

Lockdown is most probably going to be extended tomorrow, just waiting for official word. It will be great to see everyone with long hairs and beards after this is over like a lost sailor coming home after years. And after this will be over we will the ones who have to make society a better place and take civilization forward. Stay Safe!

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