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Day 19 : Reading Friend vs Rabid Herds

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Woke up late and today I planned that I will read some book or play game on console. Till afternoon, I was writing posts. And I was behind by 3 posts, so I have to write them accordingly and back publish them. After lunch, I watched last episode of Chernobyl. A great mini series and somehow relates to the events now. The serious tone it gives about lies is mind blowing. It is over dramatized but there is no problem in it. It says perfectly what it has to with powerful emotions. Saying truth leaving behind egos. A part of which is happening right now. Many governments are lying and some are not taking care of their people for economy. This leads me to write next whole post about it tomorrow.

Today I had complete the home page of a renaming website project. So whole evening I did that. Then while reading news I saw how 400 million dutch Tulips were crushed because of less demand due to corona villain. They look so beautiful in fields. Then on social media, memes are kind of same. New trends are yet to come. But there are still people who on every move of government, barks like dog to criticize. If they want to do something, go reach at that position and do something. Constructive criticism is always good but sitting at home, not even knowing things completely and blasting words to show that they know everything. This are basically the same people who go against everything in pop culture. What people like and believe in, they show that they don't. Because they have all the wisdom of universe. These are types of people who try to be different from what whole world is doing and kinda want to be hero. They research everything but to a extent that makes them feel; people don't know this and they are wrong. That is good if they see the wrong direction and guide others. But there is limit to it. Other people know more who have studied everything from years and anyone can be wrong, even this anti-pops! Think about it, why things become popular in first place. Always something good is in it.

Why even I am writing about this. I have muted all such posts. Not that I am against their free speech but I don't want an urge to debate with all. And then there were good knowledgeable people joining TikTok. Why. They should not encourage it. They have got other platforms. If they go on TikTok they bring mainstream people to it. And at last and last TikTok is not good. There is always several times better content out there which should be watched. Lockdown has given boost to such unexpected things😑

After dinner I was sitting downstairs and news were on TV. They were showing TikTok videos. Has our media lost it? Do they even have permission to use viral videos. And every time breaking news came of rising cases, they shouted and spoke. What is there to shout. We are listening. I am not even checking counter anymore like I did every hour. It doesn't matter anymore in this uncertainty. So completed the page of website till midnight and then I thought to play on console or read now. But I felt lazy and went to bed starting Cosmos : A Spacetime Odyssey, but quitted it after minutes. I had to write post. I wanted to read book so much today but cannot manage time. I have some books but on phone there are many ebooks. But it always gives strain at some point to read. There are many people just reading whole time and passing days. I tried to read some days ago but cannot focus due to all things going around. So I am keeping it to reading articles everyday. Well spent day as I completed things I planned.

I cannot imagine how we thought this year would go and how it went. Everything has come to stand still. So really want to write my anger on people if they were responsible behind such catastrophic event in next post. Stay Safe!

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