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Day 18 : Back in the Game

So today I woke up in very early morning before sunrise due to cats making so much sound and fighting in ground behind😵 It was 3 hours and God knows why they had to fight at this time and wake me up. A random event already determined in blocks of universe😕 or is it something I had karma with them in my last birth😂 My eyes came down in minutes and woke up even late than everyday. Today I planned to do so many things. Until afternoon I edited footage. This was one of the hard part from episode.

After lunch, I started to edit again. Then went over some news and continued. Then took a nap. And in evening I edited non stop like in old days. I was enjoying it so much. It was time for dinner then after I came across article while reading news. It was about the culture of balcony. Because people nowadays could not go out and how they gathered in balcony and socialized. It was great to read. Even I go out in balcony more than I would in normal days. Fresh air and see clear sky and trees, birds chirping and people passing by with children playing. If you consider in seeing what this pandemic does good, this is one of a point.

I edited till midnight and then started my playlist and for hour or so I color graded many RAW photos. I promised to my friend that I will send by tonight because I already delayed it by month. At last, I was so satisfied that I worked whole day and I enjoyed it. After many days today felt like a busy day with comfort. Then I started and watched 2 episodes of Chernobyl series. It was great and gave serious vibes of some situation going around us. Overwhelmed, I slept.

So back on track and still there is a fear which always distracts because we don't know what comes next and how everything will be changed. But better slow to keep moving on. Stay Safe!

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