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Day 2 : Time moved much Fast

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

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So it is Day 2 under lockdown. You might be wondering why am I writing this. Is there even need of this. Yes it is. Don't you see around the circumstances. Part of history is taking place outside and I have to write how things are. It is like we are in a movie. When were train and transport stopped on a scale. Not even in a war. We are forced to sit inside with our family. When has this happened. Eventually people will use less phone and find another activities to enjoy. It will be great. After the crisis, there will be new perspective among people that they can live and enjoy life with basic things which is the most bright part of this pandemic. Less pollution on number 2.

I woke up and checked my phone which is really really bad habit. It was rainy day and it there were small showers in night and morning. We just don't need rain at this times. I mean I love rain and monsoon is my favorite season, this was no time for it. I want to eat mangoes this summer and rain can damage the fruits. Already half summer appears to be worse. Seasonal flu comes more in monsoon than in summer. Not that hot climate can affect spreading of Coronavirus but don't want to take any chance. So rain go away.

What I saw on phone was people keeping stories and nominating everyone to do this and that. Some posted old photos of everyone. We have to see where this loneliness takes them in realm of social media, the heights of random posting😂

I made it clear that I have to write on Day 1 and so started planning what to write and checked all news. The result was yesterday's post. At afternoon when I went downstairs, Government announced huge financials package for poor. That brought some positive vibes. So after lunch, came to laptop and added blog on my website and started writing on. After I completed, there was sense satisfaction and pride that I wrote this many words.

At evening, started movie on prime called Flight - year 2012. It was not a great movie but decent. After dinner, I went upstairs and there was some debate in Whatsapp. So spend next hour in researching whether coronavirus spreads through flies that sit on infected people's feces🤮 And then went down and sat with parents and talked how this whole setting of events was like a dream. A bad dream where you would like to wake up and everything's fine in the World.

At Midnight, I sat on laptop again and graded some photos that were remaining to be processed. After that edited a 30s video on request of friend that was on meme. I really don't know why he laughed so much at it. It was worst video that never gave me even a smile. But as I said people need something to do in this boredom. So slept early from usual with goal to wake up early next morning and write that 2 damn scenes in script.

Day moved fast enough and I think I did something rather than nothing. So, good for me. So far there were no worst news of outbreak. See you tomorrow, stay safe!

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