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Day 16 : The Travel Situation and Stargazing

Hoya! How are you. The Sun rose and I was not able to see it rise as I woke up late again. Checked news. Now they were sealing some hotspot areas and cities to lower the spread of virus. Still there is no community transmission but the risk is high. So I think lockdown would be extended and I guess they will not open school, colleges and public places for minimum 1 month. If lockdown was not done on time, India would be facing the worst days ever. Then I came across a article of how couple was struck in Maldives and they were last tourist there. Whole 5 star hotel staff was serving only to two people.

Travel took the biggest hit from coronavirus outbreak. People are afraid to go anywhere out of country nevertheless home. This will continue for year or so. No one will risk going on trip until vaccine is found. But people keep on dreaming for where they will go and chill the hell out at some paradise. Even I discussed with papa where should we go. It gives hope😁 Some travellers were cause of taking virus to other countries. But it was not their fault. Also there are still many students and people stuck in other countries and struggling in bad time like never before. In the dreams they would have never thought that on this year, Earth would come to a stop. Death rate is less. Even less than accidents and other diseases. But virus is too infectious and spreads fast. So it must be contained until it kills millions of soul.

Afternoon was kind of gross and evening I edited the project. And I was not feeling so well. I guess it was side effect of drug taken yesterday. At 8 PM, ISS was to pass over our town. So I went on terrace early and called friend to look out. Mom came too to see it. It was first time we saw it with naked eye. I started camera to capture it. And my bad luck battery exhausted😭 Otherwise I could shoot a sharp video of it passing. Then took out phone and tried to shoot in it. It was only for 5 mins. But I and Mom were amazed. Mom said Earth is going through crisis and astronauts are up there seeing us. She was so happy and loved stargazing and told me that we will buy telescope which was my dream from first. I will buy but it will take years to earn that money😅

Then after dinner I came upstairs and social media took whole time and then I slept and wake up again at midnight. I thought to see movie but then remembered a post is remaining. So started to write and was late. I got scolded by mom as she found out light in my room was still on. After that I finished it fast and slept.

We are near the end of initial lockdown and cases are rising too much. I hope we soon reach a point where zero cases are reported. Stay Safe!

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