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Day 15 : The Sun will Shine on us again...

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Today is starting of Week 3. See how fast 2 weeks passed by and here we are still safe. The good days are yet to come. This period taught what bad time really is. I am so sure that when good time comes, everyone will celebrate, dance and go out and do anything. The whole meaning of life for people is going to change after this.

Time of dramatic changes. Nothing will remain same. The way people will shift their priority over everyday things and nature. All over religious people will see how just praying from home also helps. We finally will get some answers that if Karma works and will God help. There is fear of what happens next. Still how much time it will go on. Entire working system of nation will be damaged if virus spreads. I sometime think we are heading to dystopia. Where people who have savings are really at home and not going out like in Ready Player One. What will World look if everyone is inside. Doctors and government is overwhelmed by cases and cannot help anyone. Problems of food everywhere. Who will take care of elders in this times. The ecosystem and food cycles of animals will be changed. Those animals depended on us will not know what to do and they will go wild. Ultimately moving towards end until some miracle happens.

But you know what this will not happen. This time people's will is strong enough to overcome the power of that bitch virus. People want to get out of this crisis and move forward with beautiful new life. Just think and feel how it will be. You will have dream of visiting the most beautiful locations of nature. You will feel bad by hurting nature. You are going to stay so kind to everyone. Relations will be maintained stronger than ever before. Poverty will vanish by everyone's kindness. You will be planning now what you will do with friends or family aftert his is over. Maybe get together for parties or movies or games! Bad people will know that the work they do don't matter. In the end feeding yourselves and staying happy simple life is necessary.

People will know how maintaining health is important. I see this days very less sick people from general disease. OPD are closed almost everywhere. So this somewhat concludes that not going out and eating home food helps. The entire supply and demand cycle will change. New companies will emerge with visions to work for people. Every moment and breathe of life will be counted as valuable.

Only thing we have to do is stay at home for few more time. And this could be long fight but it will make us humans better than ever. So in morning I saw news that lockdown could be extended. And I bet it will be. It is necessary to contain virus. Economy will suffer the baddest since decades. But if there is life there is hope. And all fighting for life.

I wrote one post before lunch. Afternoon I slept and in evening I edited the project. Last night I forgot to take picture of Super Moon, so I had dinner early so I can take frames when Pink Moon rises. But it is not pink at all. It was super white but cheating on white balance will help😉

At midnight I started Star Wars : Return of the Jedi. Had to complete the trilogy. It was good movie. But old movies move slow. But I am used to it and I can enjoy it. The thing about this movies are they made breakthrough in VFX at that time and today's photo realistic results are fruit of their hard work.

This was best day to write positively as only one week remains. Our will and prayers will get us of it. Thinking of enjoying in good days will me drive me to get through this time. Stay safe!

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