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Day 14 : Messed Up with Time

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Today I was feeling lazy but I made a firm plan to complete editing my project in coming 4 days and finish 3 scripts that before lockdown is gone. I was reading news and saw photo of police working day and night to keep everything under control. I know that in one post I wrote that they are taking bribes and misusing their power. But now I think they really are working hard. Probably on every place in India, they are assigned. Prime minister when he announced lockdown, was serious like never before and he asked every people to stay inside home as much as possible. But still there are some who have problems and they go out. Police have to take all under control and keep on checking with home quarantined houses. Who will protect them when they meet all kind of people. I guess even the corrupted people in government and all bad people are working together to stop spread of virus as rich people will not go to other country and this virus does not do partiality.

Afternoon I started to write on this post and then I slept. For 3 hours🤨 It was long sleep because of huge feature length dreams where I am main character of story. They were really bad dreams. Whole evening passed and I edited only some footage. I even forgot to take photos of Super Moon when it rises.

After dinner I came upstairs and parents were walking outside. I listened to shouting outside. I went to balcony and neighbors were fighting for garbage or water problem. I couched down and listened to them for some time. It was around 10 at night and I got this comedy. Who don't like to watch a real fight or arguments going on😂. Then there came notification on phone that UK's PM was shifted into ICU as precautionary measure. My goodness I was worried and worst thoughts started pouring in.

Meanwhile my friends made a group for playing Monopoly. So we started it and really got many problems while playing cracked version. So now we decided to Play UNO. I told no but they forced and we played for like half and hour. We used to get together and all play such games. But times are different now and almost all plays together online. It has not same enjoyment but time is spent well on it.

It was already 1 PM and my bed was not prepared. From nowhere I started Pirates of Caribbean : The Curse of Black Pearl, I loved it. The character of Jack Sparrow was itself a movie. Sea adventure and pirates! It was about 4 in the morning and I had to sleep. Whole timings were messed up and work was not done as expected.

With today, we are nearing the end of second week while in lockdown. Cases keep on rising. Hope to wake up next day with some positive thing to come up and we can celebrate. Stay Safe!

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