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Day 13 : Uncertainty of the Malaria Drug

Today morning I again saw many memes of Ramayana. It is great. After each episode airs, memes related to that episode comes in trend😂 Surfed on phone for hours after that.

Afternoon I tried to watch Pirates of Caribbean but could not even complete half due to low internet speed. Then I slept. In evening I started editing the remaining project on my laptop after talking to friend for about 30 mins. We talked on what all do and all same boring Coronavirus stuff all talk about. People this days have nothing else to talk about even if they get bored by it. Because we all fear the consequences, if it spreads in India.

The virus will keep on coming back until vaccine comes out. And for minimum it will take a year. Even if 1 person is not detected and isolated, then after lockdown same situation will rise and it will spread. This is like Avengers : Age of Ultron where they have to take out every robot. World's only option is if previous drugs with some combinations work. Other hope is something miracle like Avengers come and save us. But the malaria drug has many unscientific evidence that it works in some cases. Clinical trials are going on. And last week India already banned exports on that medicine until today when US asked to release medicines to needed countries.

Government said we would have enough stock for everyone. Even health workers who are treating infected patients are recommended to take that medicine. So there is chance this will work. We have to wait for scientists to approve it fast. Our family doctor advised us take low dose of it today I received my online order for it. So we will take low dose as per their guidelines. There is nothing wrong in taking it if there are no side effects. I for once thought that should I take it or not, because I will take and there will be many others who don't know about this. But if approved everyone will be advised to take so.

At night after dinner I came up and read news on phone. I came across a very good article on how a first case of coronavirus in state of new jersey survived. It was so informative and emotional. I shared it as much as possible. Then I went downstairs and we started discussing on what's happening around the world. Being touched bu that article I explained that full story to mom. So long lecture and papa joked and laughed at me. I mocked how our media is wrong about many things and what should be improved.  Then came upstairs and started with editing. And chatted with friend on another big website project we are doing. I planned that I would finish pirates movie or write on blog but phone distracted me and I ended up watching on YouTube random videos.

Then the point came and I saw various posts and videos om coronavirus and started feeling negative. I thought why everyone has to suffer. Then I started my playlist while editing and there were tears rolling listening to some songs. When I reach my down point where music takes me out of it and on loop I could spend hours and hours on it. At last there were uplifting scores and that fueled energy in me like warrior. That no we have to fight this doofus virus and this bad time will go away. We will overcome it. It was around 2 Am and I went to bed.

Everyday there is so much fluctuation of negative and positive thoughts with anonymity and fear of what is going to occur next. And at this point I really really want to this crisis to be ended soon as possible with minimum damage to world. I even prayed to god that I would give up some things if we all people get through bad times without seeing worst. It would not help but I have do my part by doing whatever comes into my mind.

Days are passing and still we don't know what lies ahead. But we have got quality time to do what not. Stay Safe!

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