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Day 9 : Negativity is Bored

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

It is day 9 and I wonder what my friends and others will be doing at their home. Are they going mad by dullness or still fighting to cope up with it or already outdone it. Almost all who were out studying or working out of this town came here before lockdown came into effect. Students are at home and they are given grace to next grade class without exams. I mean I love it, when we went to schools we always fantasized about such things but I know it is not good that education has completely stopped from them. But in other way it is working great as well. Everyone is getting to explore themselves eve if they don't want to. Finding new things to redoing old things that all used to do during childhood are coming back. And major online courses are becoming free for this bad time. Many are trying to keep studying but I guess the atmosphere and anxiety around distracts. I should too search for new courses and learn something new that I never dreamt I would do. I mean this is the time to do such things. We are given a forced free time to pass.

So I woke up late and I checked news. It was surprise, cases were rising fast and there were rounds of news going on that religious group was responsible. A bad start of the day. Everyday I hope when I sleep that things become better next day. Thoughts came into my mind what if virus spreads and something happens to loved ones. What if before virus spreads, unnecessary violence takes place among people and whole thing that government and people are trying to cope up, crashes. Once this starts you have no idea to what brain can reach up to. Highest form of negative thoughts. I could even think how a pen in drawer would harm me.

It was worst start till now and day went on. I did nothing other than streaming on YouTube, playing subway surfers on phone and became more dull. At evening mother called to vacuum sofas which I was delaying everyday. She told if I don't do it, she will. I again tried to delay in laziness but it was failed try. So I head to clean them😢 But I felt kind of satisfied and proud that I did work of home. Then I thought, I could not even clean it when asked how are workers and cleaners doing all this stuff continuous for life and earning almost nothing. Even how Mom is maintaining house from years. I just cannot do it. The pillars of mind that holds the roof to work hard are falling one by one and I cannot help it. How lucky I am that she made juice for all after that. I cannot do even 1% of what Mummy and Papa does for me.

After dinner, I was sitting with parents and Mom said on how my little cousin is watching Ramayana. All are watching it because its trend. Otherwise even 6 year old would see useless music videos on YouTube. But they were daily watching and that night my cousin went to her parents and said how good they were and massaged their legs like how parents were worshiped in Ramayana. I was awed when I listened. This was first real and live example for me that kid's personality is affected by what they see in childhood. So lockdown is doing wonders in a good way on many people. We discussed how our worst TV shows and movies should bring something good for everyone. Not to teach but to entertain in the way it should be.

Then I went up and thought I would write on blog and edit some footage but did nothing and ended up watching The Office and other random videos on YouTube. All posts were pending and more added. So I slept late doing nothing.

I pray that slowly this all bad time go away and peace is back next morning. Stay Safe!

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