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Day 8 : April's Fool and a Great Night

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Congratulations! We have made it through first week. Actually you, not me because I can sit inside home for months if you tell. Guess what today is 1st of April, the day when people make fool of each other. It has not more feel of what it used to be, taking care that no one makes a fool of you. I saw very few people even posting on social media than on every year. 2020 has already made a fool of everyone starting with wild fire and now virus. What comes next no one knows. The feel of what happens next and now is like 2012 movie but destruction is taking place in slow and uncanny way. Nothing to demotivate you but just this how it feels sometimes. But I think together we can make it to other end where the World with new thinking is waiting.

I will head straight to night because I did nothing interesting till then. I wrote blog in evening and all usual stuff on phone. At midnight, I started watching Inisde Out and time went by fast. What a movie, I call it one of the greatest movie. I personally loved it. They always make such beautiful movies and give another perspective to world around you. It filled so much confidence in me that after watching I was filled with energy and there was no chance that I was sleeping.

I saw some scenes from The Office on YouTube and then friend shared Interstellar soundtrack and then we began chatting and it went on. We had a rousing discussion about last scenes and whether mistakes are there or not in the movie and all. But still did not came to a conclusion. I have watched this movie so many times but still somethings I cannot understand. And director will not reveal it anytime😑 So have to watch again and again. I then scrolled on social media and saw some TikTok videos on Instagram and was angered. I just hate TikTok. I mean there is nothing wrong in it, there are many creative videos and all but I hate all that filth videos. I was so mad that posted story that don't watch on it anything, there is enough good and entertaining content for lifetime out there. When I see my friends doing it I just debate with them and taunt them. I know I should keep it personal and not tell everyone what to do yet sometimes I cannot control myself and launch into a tirade.

So overall a good day for me, technically night. And I think time will move fast and 21 days will be soon over. I hope for the positive and wait for unexpected things in this days.

Hope you did not become fool today. I mean its a shame if you became one🤣 Anyways, Stay Safe!

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Ellena Field
Ellena Field
Aug 28, 2021

Nice post thannks for sharing

Dev Vora
Dev Vora
Aug 29, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for reading!

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