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Day 7 : Dependence on Caretaker & A Rather Boring Day

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Today I woke up late which is great surprise😬 I planned to complete with blog and edit some footage. Elder people who forget things and are always in their room don't even know what's going on in the World outside. It is on caretaker who let them feel this comfort and not let them worry about anything. In my case for my grandfather, caretaker were my parents.

I went downstairs and saw that new caretaker we hired for grandfather did not came. It is always problem here. You cannot find a proper person for the job and lockdown has made it more difficult. There are some things that we just cannot do due to our disgust problems. But you have to and have to provide full comfort and care to your elders at home. So new one could not come maybe due to lockdown. So only thing remain is Papa and other man take care of giving bath themselves. I just hate like this events because due to my mind set I just could not help. And I hate that I could not help my papa. Otherwise it would be much easier for him.

I really pity on how workers and caretaker even during this crisis come and do their job risking their health. What would people do if they do not come. All I do is sit in comfort and write this. I am really lucky for that and I have made promise to myself solve this problems when I could. Anyways, then had breakfast and finished installing some remaining things on laptop. A call from friend came askong how to edit videos. I asked what type of video it was and he told a cooking video that brother made. I thought this is great, peole turning into hobbies that they never tried. Surfed on phone a bit and time for lunch.

Came upstairs and took phone and used it till evening. Read many stories and then watched on YouTube. Then I started with The Simpsons for first time. It is good and I hope to continue watching a epsiode daily. At evening, Mom cut some fruit for me and I the King enjoyed it and not helping them in their work in any way. Man, I have to find a way soon to deal with this. I was unable to start editing which I planned😰

After dinner again used phone and time went by reading some articles. And I slept for hour so that I can write 2 posts on late night. What a mess😵 So after I woke and wrote this one and slept late. Initially in morning I planned that I will watch animated movie today but I just got no time for it as I am very busy trillonaire!

Nothing interesting was there today but good thing was, there was no huge surge in cases. So hope for good next day. Stay safe!

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