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Day 5 : Fear of Symptoms and later a Virtual Rave

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I didn't write about this in last post because I wanted to keep it positive. Last night when I slept after watching The Office, I was not feeling good. Felt something in throat and feared what if it increases. After I drank water and slept. Next day when I woke up, I felt much better. And I thought it was normal now.

After breakfast at 11 😶 started laptop and yesterday I planned was to write some material in book. So took out phone and book to write but again felt something wrong. So left everything there and lied down. Checked news on phone. Among them, I read an article on how there was shortage of seeds too in USA becuase of coronavirus as people in free time and for food started buying seeds to grow. Now as usual I thought what if I have it. I feared that I would infect my parents too. If I have it then sure there will be local spread of infection. Because I have met very very few people last fortnight. And if there is local spread of virus then it is definitely spread on unprecedented scale that hitherto dreamt of.

So after lunch I thought to sleep becuase it gives less symptoms when I wake up. I woke up at 5.30 PM and went down to eat something. Then started my music playlist on laptop and started writing material in book. It is not the script I talked about but it is for big comedy project that will take time to turn into good script for kind of series.

Whole evening I wrote that and did not feel anything while doing that. So turns out it would be becuase I drank less water or just symptom of normal cold. So if I do not get anything in next 5 days, then my 14 days will be over when I did not meet anyone and so nothing to worry. I know I am overthinking but that is what fuels me😂

Tonight at 12 was birthday of cousin so I told others that let's try virtual cake cutting and wishing. Like people across globe are doing. I also read a story few days ago, how parents made their house feel like pub on 18th birthday of their son becuase he could not go out because of lockdown. So I made a video and we wished on midnight with virtual cake and candle. I guess this is how people have to celebrate now. Video call. Technology. It has kept us all together. I will write on it soon in depth on another day.

Then as planned it I could not write on blog as it was too late. So slept some early than other days.

Still no bad news, so a good thing. And don't worry if you have dumb symptoms. See you Tommorow, stay safe!

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