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Day 4 : Moral Ambiguity and Positive Learning

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

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This is Saturday and it has no feel. First it used to be best day for me in week because of Sunday next day. No day has feel now. Soon people will loose count of what day it is.

Today I woke up and it was sure that more birds have came and roosting in trees nearby. And I could hear more sound of their chirping day by day. How times have changed. I wonder street animals outside would be wondering where are this people😂 They could do whatever they want now. I saw a meme telling how last year whole world was in hype for Avengers Endgame to be released and now we are in Endgame😐

In morning, I saw news that train coaches will be converted into isolation wards which I think is really good idea. Now we need more ventilators if cases surge. Nothing new today but there was birthday in family and Mom told them she would go and wish. But I told Mom not to go and if we don't follow instruction, no one will follow. I explained so much that we would not go. So this was emotional and duty dilemma of what to do. If you tell and yes and then don't go they would feel bad. And on other hand there is duty you have to perform as citizen. We will not get infected as it was nearby home and we will follow precaution. But then we could not tell other that don't go outside if we go. So Mom wished on phone. All will understand at this time.

It was simple day and later at night I chatted with friend and joked if his time was passing. He told he feels happy. His last few months were pretty rough and was hard time at his college. He even started smoking. But now due to lockdown he is at home. He told he eats too much, rests and exercises to much and goes for cycling. And watch great old cartoons at home and read books. I even felt positive after this negative days that this pandemic definitely has some bright side. Some people are making good use of their time. He even said that this was much needed break for discovering himself again. This lockdown forced him to do so which was almost impossible else. Even after lockdown when he joins college, I am sure this time will help him to outdo any problem forward.

And there is funny side, this 21 days will force people to leave all bad habits of drinking and smoking. Many will have mental stress too if they do not get what they want. There is even helpline to get such help. So after at midnight I watched couple of random episodes from The Office and slept😴

So today got to learn something about how various people deal with this. Overall a positive day. Stay safe!

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