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Day 3 : Simple Day with fear of Community Spread

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Hey, hope you are doing good. We are in days where people are forced to live only with food and their own people. Almost all business are shut and I am happy to think that much corruption will be decreased as they are closed. People with fear are sitting at home. Some Rich are donating and some are not for help. I wonder even if black money people donate just 10% of their amount, it will be great. But we should not day dream. Let's move forward.

I slept early previous day but it was of no use as again woke up late. I asked my parents if they want to buy anything from nearby shops. But they taunted that if you want to buy then you should wake up early. Even if I wake up early, they will only go to buy as they get reason to go out for some time and Mom says she need to look for good vegetables. Morning and afternoon passed on phone reading news and other articles.

In late afternoon watched a random Seinfeld episode and then slept for about hour. Evening passed by writing on blog and surfing on phone and got in touch with new contact in film making. So a simple day and some positive energy. Then went down for dinner and came up again to edit some footage in project which I told was remaining.

Now took out book to write scenes on pending script and bam! notification on phone. Again chatted with some and checked news constantly. I read somewhere that it may be starting of stage 3 and all, I did not believed it but definitely my confidence went down. Then I saw stories regarding Migrant workers moving to home in middle of lockdown. Government is doing many things but they are still not reaching and who doesn't want to Go Home at hard times. Read on BBC about how poor are struggling and how Police is misusing its power and not letting operations of daily essentials.

I thought that they are in hard times and I am sitting here and relaxing. Sometimes I thank God for giving me such life. What else can I do sitting at home and times where people often don't support your work and vision for lower class. There is so much inequality. People say relax and don't read news but how I cannot. Just see how World is. Got so much negative thoughts and low confidence. I hope everything works fine in 21 days and we see least possible cases. Sorry but everyday is not interesting.

Then it was midnight and I was not feeling a slight sleepy. Then I opened Prime and started The Theory of Everything, a really good movie and incredible acting by Eddie Redmayne who plays Stephen hawking. It cannot be compared but I believe his acting was great than Joker. Anyways, I got thoughts on reason behind life and universe and went to sleep with hopes of good news next day.

See you soon. Now I will write daily in last hour of same day. Hope for the best!

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