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Day 17 : Digital Social Gathering amid Exodus

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Today after waking up, I saw photos of my town spreading on social media. There were barricades on historical bridge of town which was built around 150 years ago by Britishers. And it is one of three routes that are main and connect to outside World. It gave the vibes like that of apocalyptic movie or show. I heard news that three people managed to come to our town from another state in ambulance. They are native to this town but still rules are rules. Government and all are telling to be where you are. I don't know how they managed this many check posts across states, districts and cities. But they are caught and put under quarantine now.

If lockdown is extended there will be still many who will want to move to their native places. And now they will not obey anyone. So government should take all steps to ensure they don't move. Trains are helping so much to the country like never before. Goods are moving at high capacity than ever before and various new trains are ran across country day and night to keep stability of supply chain. They pretty much connect to every corner of country, some even in remote areas. People still don't know about this and their timings or they will try to climb on them and transfer to other places. The coming days are going to more hard for government and police.

Afternoon went same, evening I kept on editing footage until around 7.30 PM. Then in group I told everyone to download houseparty. A friend was too bored from online lectures😂 Some said about its privacy concerns but it could be bypassed and we can use app without sharing any details. We wanted to try the games in it. We started but it was not that great. Two had internet connection problems😐 But still after many days we all talked together and hour passed anyhow. It brings back good mood. I uninstalled the app directly after ending the call. It was of no use to me now😅

Before dinner, I never do this but posted story on Instagram to ask me questions and I would reply them in stories. I wanted to make me feel more better. Also I wanted to check how many people are active this days. And engagement rate. It worked and made me feel satisfied but time passed so much on it. I kept on checking it again and again till midnight. I edited some more footage then wrote post till 2. I wanted to see movie but it was late and I was feeling too sleepy. So power down!

Just three days remain to completion of initial lockdown. Let's see what happens next. No one knows and pieces of life narrative keeps on unfolding. Stay Safe!

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