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Day 12 : United we Stand

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Sunday. No special feel it has anymore. I woke up and remembered that tonight we had to light candles or lamp or flashlight. Then I saw tons of post and stories on social media to do it. Some were against it. I don't know why, I think they are haters of prime minister even if takes good decision. And this wasn't even a decision, he just asked if everyone do it, it shows a symbol of togetherness. So I never post such things but I posted against haters so that they see all people are doing it. It only works if every people out there lights.

It was same day and I watched A Wrinkle in Time at on afternoon thinking it would have great scenes and time travel. But I tell you it had good scenes but it was bad movie. I watched a bad movie after months😅 Then I slept for an hour. My whole time table has messed up. Evening; news broke that there was second positive case in district. And they locked down the town which was around 60kms away from here. So a bad news and there is chance that this was due to local transmission. We don't know yet. And that definitely brought down the mind.

I had my dinner fast and had about 15 mins to set diyas (lamp). But air was too much and it could not remain lit. So I went on terrace with my phone and mini led lantern. I saw some lights already in darkness. We switched off every light in the house. Although lighthouse was on😁 and so were street lights. Just house lights went off one by one. My parents were standing at gate and started mobile flash. I was on the top of house. I started lantern and kept it on water tank and started 5th symphony and synced flash with it so it blinks on beat. You have to play anything random to blink light. People in whole area started coming out on top or in balcony or at gate. It was 9 PM and slowly in 1-2 mins there were thousands of light sources in parts of darkness. The firefighter rode bike in all areas with loud siren and town time siren was also on. There was chill going down by my body. It felt like no there is some battle going on out there are we are united to fight against that deadly thing. Literal shivers. 9 mins went like 2 mins. When death is standing at your door, people were willing to fight against it for survival. Every single one. There were patriotic chants going on. I was high!

The plan worked and I am sure all people felt really confident after it. I came downstairs and phone was flooded with messages. Everywhere in the nation people did it, and photos were to be shared. It boosted me and suddenly I felt that I love this country. See that is why you do such things in dark times. But haters still can't get it over their ego and opposition of pop culture. No one posted anything after this. They had to shut their mouth after seeing every mindless people spreading light. But why we are even talking about that. Now I just don't give my single neuron of attention to that. Got over it.

I felt not to do anything and sat and time passed on my phone. I then started Star Wars : Empire Strikes Back , because I have not seen any of those movies other than first one. It was a good movie with thrilling adventure. In middle of it, there was breaking news that UK's PM was admitted to hospital as precautionary measure. Again I felt bad but by end of movie my mood was neutral and it was late and I slept.

Cases are rising, but after today I feel that there will be force protecting us and we hope that force or God or Science to end this jackass crisis around globe. Stay Safe!

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