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Day 11 : The Basic Everyday

Opening eyes with hope to see everything good today. I was not able to do anything in morning as my whole time went in reading news and on social media. I thought I will do it at evening. After lunch when I went upstairs, poor woman to came asking for food and stood at the gate. They usually come 2 times in a month on a religious day. But this time it was whole country was closed and prohibited to go outside. I went downstairs shouting so they don't go away. Mom told me to give some food. I went out and gave it with long hands. I told that you should not go out this days as it is lockdown and there is disease out there. She said there is no bigger disease than hunger for them. Jaw dropped.

It was like how they were showing migrants workers in media. I asked if government is giving food or not, the she said they are giving but not properly. I said they will give enough food to support to everyone. By then neighbor came in balcony and said to not give anything to anyone. I could get infected. It was no problem to me, I washed hands after that. I told this to parents they said she is old and cannot go there and here in area gets enough. I asked papa whether we should call and inform authorities for their food. Maybe the people leaving near us informed them. This event again led me to believe how lucky I was and how life can go on happily with very basic things. I surely want to help everyone when I can. Later I regretted that I should have called.

So afternoon and evening went like other days. It was boring and still not have hands on editing project. At midnight I started Onward, the film that exactly turned about to what I love. A decent adventurous emotional ride. Again a great Pixar movie. That was it. Then in the dreams!

Cases are rising high, all we could do is sit inside to help everyone. Let's hope for better next day. Stay Safe!

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