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Day 10 : A First Busy Day

Yelloo, So today I woke up at 10 which is early than usual. I directly took out phone and played prime minister's meesage which came at 9. He gave thanks to all citizens for doing staying at home. He told to light candles or diya of flash on this coming Sunday to feel better and united. I going to do it. We have banged plates before when he asked to, for people risking and working for us. That feel when you listened to thousands of people doing it brings shiver and makes you think like you are in a battle and fighting together. I literally teared up on that day. So I think it is necessary for me to do it and this thing only works if all do it. Still after that message, I saw on social media that there were people making jokes and all. I don't get them, if you don't want to do it then don't. Why brag about it. People need something in such bad days to feel good.

As I was early Papa told we have to go to bank. I said if we can do it here from mobile why go there. So he asked in bank about some things and told me to do all work from phone. I was relived as I have to sit back relaxing and do all. So it took around hour for us to complete all bank work. I felt too much satisfied and happy. I was over proud that because of me we have to not go outside and all. But actually it is boon of technology!

We are grateful for what science and tech did for us. Whatever happens, at last science is the thing that will help humans to move forward. How technology is keeping connected everyone during this times and saving lives of people in hospitals. People are out there in another continent away from family but still this little piece of circuit helps to stay in touch and feel together. People around globe are working for their companies from home. Film Industry is shut down but VFX artists are able to work for films finished with production. But there are caveats too for tech which I will write in another post when I feel I can write on it😅

So afternoon I slept because I had less sleep last day. Then in the evening I again thought that I must do something on my part to help in this crisis. I started building new local district tracker website. It will not help but I did something and there was no such local website still. It will get data from state and national websites and also list all helpline numbers. I was on it and confident enough to finish till midnight. This time I did it because I did not allowed anything to distract me. It was live at midnight. I was so satisfied and felt that I should complete posting on blog today only. So I sat for about hour and completed it too. I felt that accomplished at the end of day because I did what I planned. So after that watched some videos on YouTube and hopefully planned to completely finish editing my project in next four days. Turned on my sleep button.

There are many cases coming in last few hours and hope that it will go down until end of lockdown or else it would be extended. Stay Safe!

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